Terms & Conditions

  1. Driver mandatory to possess valid driving license. Unless events not required.
  2. Value of the deposit per vehicle in the amount required for the event in cash.
  3. Drivers presenting levels of alcohol above the extent permitted by law, can not continue.
  4. All participants must have an identifiication document (ID/Passport).

Failure to comply with one of the conditions described prevents proceeding on tour. With no right to refund.

Cancellation policy

1. Activities cancelled within 24 hours before event, no refund.
2. Activities cancelled 24 hours before event a fee of 20% will be charged.
3. Clients are requested to be at the pick up point in time. In case of delay or no show there will be no refund.
4. Aventura21 in no case be held responsible for any loss or damage on clients belongings during any activity.
5. In case of adverse weather or mechanical problems, aventura21 will decide if rebook the activity or refund the client.
6. During the event of non-compliance with the rules imposed by the company and the guide, the tour will be canceled without refund.

Important note

For safety reasons use of slippers is not recommended.
Mandatory comply with the rules imposed by the guides / company.